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Holder Photography Studio & Gallery, Incorporated is a registered S-corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia US. We have been in the business of photography for 8 years and have run the boutique studio and gallery at its current location since 2010. Our studio offers a unique approach to meeting the photographic needs of a diverse clientele by providing a variety of services including portrait, bridal and fashion photography services while also functioning as a professional photography studio, gallery and event space. Located at 291 Peters Street, the studio is in the heart of Atlanta’s Historic Castleberry Hill Arts district near the city’s Downtown core.

Since opening in 2010 we have experienced rapid growth, with revenue increases exceeding 300% over the last 2 years. In 2012 we opened a satellite office in Brooklyn New York to serve as a hub for north east operations and bookings. Thanks to the success of our approach and the talent of our people we’ve proven the strength of our brand on a national scale. However there are many more opportunities for growth on the horizon and we will need continued support to achieve our goals. We are currently looking for long and short-term private investors. If interested, please take a moment to fill out the investor registration form on the right side of this page to begin the formal process. Thank you.